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Historical Context

Based on what we know about the context of the novel through our savvy internet research discuss how Androids is a reflection of the historical moment in time. How is the novel influenced by environmentalism (particularly the seminal novel Silent Spring published by Rachel Carson, the public perception of corporations, the Vietnam war, or the growing fears surrounding the cold war?

What is real?

What is real in Andriods? Who decides? How does this square with our own perceptions of reality in our own world? (Bonus points for referencing my man, Plato)


What's the deal with empathy in the novel? What is meant by empathy and what is empathy’s function throughout the book? According to Dick (yeah, ha ha, now we’re over it, right?), what makes empathy unique? Consider the reason that empathy might be prized in this society and what it tells us about the society in general.

Welcome to the message board!

Hi Senior Honors class. As we discussed at the end of the first semester, I am going to make an effort to let your voices be heard in more ways than just our class discussion. Thus, by your request, a class discussion board! Hurrah! So, for the first post, lets talk a bit about what YOU think a discussion board forum should look like. I have some thoughts, and I'd love it if you guys would use your knowledge of some of my pet peeves about the difference between formal and informal writing to inform this discussion.

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